ROV Services

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are underwater robots that are connected through cables to the surface. These cables transmit command and control signals between the operator and the ROV, allowing remote navigation of the vehicle.

Tritonia Scientific uses Blue Robotics observation class ROVs (BlueROV2-R2 and BlueROV2-R3) combined with WaterLinked underwater positioning technology.  The systems have been modified by us to use real-time kinematic (RTK) alignment that produces highly accurate and precise surveying and monitoring solutions but at affordable rates. 

The Blue Robotics platform allows us to attach additional high-definition underwater video cameras and video lighting to deliver superior imagery for subsequent analyses.  The video footage can also be fully synchronised with depth and positional data to enhance survey visualisation.

Innovative camera positioning software can be used to georeference single images providing the capability to rapidly relocate and track selected marine features.  The same software significantly reduces processing time when using the ROV for mapping and/or underwater photogrammetry.