Scientific Support

Diving and ROV Services


Tritonia Scientific is descended from the NERC National Facility for Scientific Diving (NFSD); which was one of only a few dedicated scientific diving teams in the world. Over the years we have supported scientific diving from the polar regions to the equator, facilitating a huge volume of high quality scientific output.

Tritonia Scientific's mandate is to continue to provide this exceptional level of precision, quality and reliability to both academic and commercial clients.

Our team is capable of deploying anywhere in the world, whilst locally we have immediate slipway and pontoon-based access to a range of underwater environments and conditions which we welcome scientists to utilise, including:

  • Protected bays with soft sand/soft mud habitats
  • Rocky reefs and kelp forests
  • Seagrass beds
  • Artificial reefs
  • WW2 wrecks
  • Fjords and marine rapids
  • Deep water: 50 msw within 3km; 130 msw in fjords; 200+ msw within 15km.