Habitat Surveys

Diving and ROV Services


Tritonia Scientific has significant experience in the planning and execution of underwater surveying and mapping.  More recently, we are combining traditional mapping techniques with 3D photogrammetry, and this is a major tool used in delivery.

The areas of mapping we have achieved ranges from a few square metres up to 100s of m2.  These areas are influenced by a number of factors including: the main objectives of the project, the depth of water, the clarity of the water, the funding/time available, and tidal conditions.

We have applied our mapping techniques to a wide range of applications, from quantifying the impacts of subtidal outflows to generating area-specific indices of the health and carbonate production capacity of tropical coral reefs.  However, this wide range can be catagorised by two main 'themes'; these are the assessment of:

  • Environmental condition, impact and recovery
  • Condition and layout of underwater and intertidal structures