Decommissioning Surveys

Diving and ROV Services


Tritonia Scientific Ltd. uses stereophotogrammetry to assess and measure the marine growth fouling subsea structures put in place for the Oil and Gas industry.

Using photogrammetry we are able to produce reconstructed 3D models from which we can accurately quantify the composition of the biotic communities that have fouled the rigs over time, an example of which can be seen below. In some cases it has been more important to estimate the biovolume of the settlement in order to predict the additional weight that biofouling may add to a structure that is to be lifted from the sea. 

Our 3D models can be generated from ROV footage of “opportunity”, but more accurate measurements come from where we have applied our SOP for ROV image capture that is exclusive to constructing 3D models.

Tritonia Scientific Ltd. is an industry partner on a PhD project examining aspects of decommissioning and biofouling, hosted by the National Decommissioning Centre.