Diving Services

The diving teams operated by Tritonia Scientific have national and international reputations for the efficient and cost-effective delivery of a range of underwater projects.

The professional approach of the team is supported through numerous commercially-accepted qualifications in diving and boating, allowing us to run commercial and academic projects under a variety of diving codes. We specialise in project management and have supervised diving-based operations in many different countries, environments and several types of diving-support vessel. 

We have established a large number of academic, government agency and industry collaborators and have contributed to a significant number of trans-disciplinary outputs. Most of the techniques and technologies employed in our commercial and academic work are validated through peer-reviewed publication.

Where required, we can complement our diving activity through the use of our remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).  These are modified in ways that generate high-quality georeferenced data while operating at greater depths and longer durations than can be achieved through diving. 

Tritonia Scientific also offers an Explosive Ordinance Reconnaissance advisory service.